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BPA enhances its range of regional cakes and “home-made” recipes:

  • Products for sharing that can be consumed for any number of occasions, not simply for dessert.
  • Authentic recipes from traditional and family sources.
Regional and “Home-Made” cakes

Recipes without compromise, using generous doses of the most noble ingredients (walnuts, chestnuts, chocolate with a high cocoa content etc..)
Most of these cakes and tarts are circular and serve 6 people.

Apple Pie & Apricot Pie

Les Pates aux Prunes (Plum pies)

Walnut cake

Chestnut cake

Hazelnut cake

“Nantes” cake

Lemon cake

Chocolate cake

Yoghurt cake

Le Bourdon a la Pomme (The apple bee)

Les Galettes sablées