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Examples of application
Provision and preparation of bread served in a hospital…
…A hospital in a city in the west of France wants to receive bread in packets labelled with their contents and intended destination. The hospital has more than 60 different lots.
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A national food processing company is looking for a bakery partner capable of…
− taking charge of the co-development of basic breads & pastries for their catering ranges.
− ensuring the provision of these products in line with stringent quality control standards.
− executing delivery within tight deadlines.
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A Vending Company wants to launch a new range of sandwiches…
A leading British Vending Company is looking for a bakery partner to develop an assortment of speciality breads for a new sandwich range. These breads must retain high-quality taste and texture for several days at a temperature of 3 degrees C
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A supermarket is looking to increase bread sales…
…which have stagnated in spite of the overall development of the shop.
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Partnerships with distributors…
A partnership with a distributor can help promote local businesses….
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