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Research & development
Research and development at BPA

We assume, based on the simplicity of the ingredients involved, that bakery plays with simple recipes, but it is for this very reason that the art of good bread-making is so much more delicate than it would at first appear: the number of elements is limited but the way those elements are combined offers infinite possibilities.

One of the challenges faced by Bakery Research & Development is how to translate the artistry and dexterity of the baker into measurable, scientific terms that can then be used to develop reliable, consistent manufacturing methods.

The R&D Team :
An experienced food processing industry engineer supported by a technologist who is a former production manager.

Our principal areas of development:
The taste, appearance and preservation of bread
The nutritional value of breads

Ways & means:
A testing laboratory with a mini-bakery and instruments measuring physiochemical currents.
Constant surveillance and review, regular contact with scientists working in the same field.
Themed study partnerships with higher education institutions