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Excess salt: your baker is making a difference.

Nutritionists now recognise bread as a key food:

1. It contains no fat.
2. Low GI “slow-release” carbohydrates provide energy gradually, eradicating any yo-yo effect on blood-sugar levels.
3. It is a good source of fibre and has a beneficial effect on intestinal transit and cholesterol.

1. Traditionally, bread contains 1.5-2% salt
¼ of the French daily salt intake comes from bread.
We are currently eating too much salt (approx. 9g a day, three times the recommended daily amount of 3g). This increases the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
2. Bread with a high-fibre content has obvious health benefits but, in most breads, the fibre content is relatively low and the majority of people do not want to eat wholemeal or bran bread every day.

Bearing all this in mind, your baker and your restaurants have decided to act.
BPA has launched Serafin®, a classic French bread, (high in fibre and low in salt).

The Serafin® Recipe: natural ingredients combined with bakery expertise :
Our Serafin® recipe is not a superficial modification of previous recipes nor do we simply add a magic ingredient, it is the result of extensive, in-depth research and a re-working of both ingredients and production methods :

 All ingredients come fresh from the mill and they have not undergone any chemical treatment.

 To balance out the reduced salt content, the bread is manufactured with specifically selected yeast.

In brief

compared to “normal” French bread, Serafin® bread offers a 30% reduction in sodium content and a 40% increase in fibre.